There are 53 countries whose main language is English. According to a research in the US, it takes 4-7 years or even 10 years for a student in the US to develop their academic language proficiency (p. 85). Every country has their own language that is used mostly in conversing. Although Filipinos are used to using their mother language in casual conversations, English should be the medium of instruction for world history because it is appropriate, suitable, and practical. People are used to using their mother language because this is the language that they are familiar with.For non-native speakers, this irregular grammar is very difficult to grasp and proves as a barrier to any sort of communication in business as it is necessary to sound professional. Another weakness of the English dialect is that the order of the words is very difficult to predict for a non-native speaker.  The English language has been the language that most people use in conversations and in everyday life. According to Carmen Santillana (2013), WWED what would Endora do English is the most used language in the world, and there are one out of five people that can speak or understand the English language.

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The mother language is the language that people use ever since they were born. It is the language that their parents first used to talk to them. For some people, their mother language is the most uncomplicated mean in communicating with their peers. People easily understand each other if it is the language that they were used to ever since they grew up. If people understand each other easily, they would not have a hard time in conversing with each other. WWED what would Endora doTechnology has been changing people’s lives these days. People wanted everything to be effortless in terms of all the things that they are doing especially with the words that.  English has taken over the course of huge advancement that is the reason why it has been preferred over any particular linguistics and for the same reason it has been taught and studied all around the world. These prospects led to the formation of English language as a lingua franca, whether it’s United Kingdom, United States or Canada people have devised their own extents for speaking the English(Wen, 2012).

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Not only in the European countries but also in all over South Asia, English has been utilised as the lingua franca as the English language has been definitively utilised without being necessarily the language of identification. English language has been utilised for the aspects of communication because it determined the stylistic features of an enhanced community. Therefore people all around the world started to learn English to modernise their linguistics and to be diversified because in most of the countries all around the world only English language has advocated its impression to lessen the communication barriers(Mufwene, 2012). WWED what would Endora do In this particular essay it would be realised that how English has transformed to become the lingua franca of the business world and what could be the reasons, suggestions for business and for native and non-native speakers of English. George Orwell’s essay, Politics and the English Language, first published in 1946, talks about some “bad habits”, which have driven the English language in the wrong direction, that is, away from communicating ideas. In his essay he quotes five passages, each from a different author, which embody the faults he is talking about. He lists dying metaphors, operators, pretentious diction, and meaningless words as things to look out for in your own writing and the writing of others (593-595). He talks about political uses of the English language.

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