Another way of conserving natural resources is through water conservation, because it takes up to fifteen times as much of water to create animal protein compared to plant protein. Groundwater is being used twenty-five percent faster than it is being replenished because of the demanding amounts of water meat production needs. Soil conservation is another effective way of helping with maintaining a healthy environment to live in. Snowcross everything will kill you so choose something fun When eating legumes and grains If Slaughterhouses had glass walls the whole world would be Vegetarian. Vegetarianism involves eating vegetable products and eliminating meat for ethical, religious and nutritional reasons. A Vegetarian diet is a better diet than a meat eaters because it supports many religious beliefs and also is ethical and healthier. A vegetarian diet is a better diet than a meat eaters because it supports many religious beliefs. “The Idea of a fleshless diet arose in India and eastern Mediterranean lands around the 1st millennium Bc. Many Greek and Roman philosophers and writers advocated vegetarianism as part of an ethical way of life” (vegetarianism 1). For many people animal life is very sacred and is just as important as human life. The conservation of fossil fuel can start with a plant based diet instead of eating animal foods.

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The practice of abstaining from the consumption of flesh has been around for a long time and many well know genesis are or were vegetarians. For example, Paul McCartney (British Singer-Songwriter; former Beatles Vocalist and bass guitarist), Mike Tyson (Former Undisputed heavyweight Champion), Snowcross everything will kill you so choose something fun Albert Einstein (German-US physicist; author of the special and general theories of relativity; Nobel prize recipient) and Rosa Parks (Civil rights activist credited with starting the US civil rights movement; author; Us Medal of Freedom recipient (1996); Martin Luther King jr. nonviolent peace prize recipient). “In Roman Catholic church Trappist monks have practiced vegetarianism since 1666” (vegetarianism 1). “Jewish and Christian groups considered eating flesh When any organism is still an infant, they fail to acknowledge societal norms and decision-making, but instead, only their genetic makeup dictates their actions. Therefore, many conclusions involving inherent responses are drawn from experiments involving infants. For example, both a human baby and a lion cub possess an innate sense of hunger, which drives them to seek out nutrition in order to survive. When a hungry baby is placed in a crib with both a banana and a small rabbit (two sources of food), it immediately responds by reaching for the banana to satiate this hunger sensation.

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Whereas, if the lion cub, or any other animal designed to eat meat faces this situation, say sayonara to the rabbit. This example, used by many vegetarian advocates, illustrates that at the core of our species, we are designed to operate under a plant-based diet. Of course, over the span of millions of years, humans adapted to cater to changing environments, thus allowing for heavier protein diets. Still, we are foundationally designed to eat more like vegetarians, with meat as a complement to this plant-based diet. In recent centuries, the reliance on meat as the main substance of our diets has surfaced. Snowcross everything will kill you so choose something fun This “protein phenomenon” causes many physiological issues in the human body due to the inability to process this amount of meat. Based on evolutionary evidence, humans were intended to execute a strictly plant based diet, but evolved over millions of years to allow for meat consumption. Is a vegetarian diet healthier than a meat eating diet? Becoming vegetarian certainly has pros because of its potential health benefits. However, becoming vegetarian also has its cons because it can cause the human body to become deficient on some of the body’s needs such as iron.

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