The English language as a universal language and it is very important. Furthermore, the study provided examples used in the assessment process as well as data analysis used close the circle in the learning cycle. Consequently, the study finished with ideas for future improvement and lessons learned in the process. The major concern was that students both past and present did not meet the expectations of professional writing. These complaints were expressed by both corporate executives and graduate faculty. Self care wheel The situation was summed up at a curriculum review meeting. They may have the greatest ideas in the world but, if they cannot express them clearly and persuasively in simple paragraph form, that is clear, concise, and grammatically correct, they are of no use to the company. This case study focused on one component of the program: the process of teaching and assessing business writing for the MBA program. Furthermore, they also offered ideas for helping the students who struggled with weak writing skills. The literature on business writing courses is limited, of the 32 programs studied, 18 had required communication classes, and only four had writing proficiency requirements.

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Every people are urge to learn English language. Especially for university students who are going to enter society after graduation, English is perceived to be crucial for communication at work with regards to employment. But in Malaysia, the proficiency of English language among youth is declining. Self care wheel Start in the 70s, many concerned stakeholders from employers, linguists and educationists to parents have voiced their concern. (Azizan Haraiti, &Lee, Y.M., 2011) Low levels in English proficiently means youth are missing out on current and important issues. Mahathir Mohamad (2011) hopes young Malaysians to master the English language if they did not want to be left behindFurthermore, English can increase one’s chances of being accepted in the exchange program by improving English. One of the requirements for the program is that people applying should have decent skills in the English language. Therefore, youth should take actions to improve English language before regret. Goals, motivation and attitude of youth are the effective ways to improve one’s English language.

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Youth must set up a goal and found out the motivations before starting improving English. Goals can help youth to sort out what is important and what isn’t. With goals, youth will only focus on the things that they want to achieve and spend precious time on them. For example, learn to write a good essay during three month set as one’s goal, he or she will try their personal best and personal ways to enhance English writing skills during that given period. Self care wheel Motivation also plays a critical role in improving English language. McDonough S. (1983: 142) stated that “motivation of the student is one of the most important factors influencing their success or failure in learning the language.” When studying English, youth might face a lot of different problems like environment problem, financial problem and so on. Motivation can help one to keep going despite the problems. If one keeps the motivation high and their eyes on the goal, no problem will seem insuperable. Besides that, attitude of youth towards improving English language also important. Youth must keep a fuck. Coming to United States of America have changed my conception about English being a universal language.

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