The importance of soft skills such as communication can be judged by the fact that they are almost an essential requirement for the top management positions. After all, a leader has the job to unite his followers behind a certain vision. I also want to be a business analyst because it will provide me with an access to job opportunities in almost every industry. It is hard to think of an industry that has not been touched by the advancements in IT, and the role of IT will continue to grow over time. Similarly, I am also excited by the fact that the business analysts often taken international assignments. Purple skull I love travelling and learning about other cultures, thus, this will be a desirable perk of the job. I will get to travel while also getting paid at the same time. While I am excited about the future potential of IT, I am also intrigued by the way different businesses are run. Being a business analyst will help me better understand the business models and operations of different companies.This allows the business analysts to be part of both the problem and the solution. Being a business analyst will also allow me to develop soft skills such as communication and teamwork skills that are highly desirable in many industries. 

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The knowledge and insights gained as a business analyst may also allow me to make a transition to other careers such as management consulting. This article talks about the fact that sleeping too much can be just as bad as not sleeping enough. It talks about how getting the right amount of sleep is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how much sleep a person should get at night. The amount of sleep a person should get at night depends on their age, health, and lifestyle. However, sometimes age, health, and lifestyle don’t matter. Purple skull The article says people who are sick, have had surgery, or have traveled across several time zones will need more sleep. But just because you can sleep 12 hours doesn’t mean you should. Sleeping too much can result in what the article calls “sleep drunkenness” and if it happens a lot, you should consult a doctor. But oversleeping occasionally is okay. Then the article talks about hypersomnia which is prolonged daytime sleepiness or nighttime sleep and can be caused by a lot of different things including nervous system problems, drug or alcohol abuse, or medications.

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Oversleeping has been linked to several diseases and health issues, too. The article ends with the suggestion to get a healthy amount of sleep by making sure to go to bed at a decent time and to set an alarm. In my opinion, moderation is good in all things, including sleep. It makes sense to me that you’d need more sleep if you were sick or had surgery or are jet-lagged. And who doesn’t like sleeping late on the weekends and during holidays? Purple skull So I think occasional oversleeping, like the article says, is okay. But apparently too much oversleeping can be bad, too, since it can affect your concentration and memory. If you’re oversleeping a lot, you might want to see a doctor, like the article recommends, since it could mean you’ve got a disease or some other health problem. I plan to still sleep late whenever I can, but I’ll probably be more careful in the future so I don’t mess up my sleep schedule.

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