The Sun sets Sail by Rob Gonsalves is a beautiful illusion painting. Across the top there is a light blue sky with fluffy white clouds. The bottom of the painting depicts an ocean with waves forming on the surface. Starting from the left the white clouds of the horizon meet the blue water of the sea. Coming out of the water are tall white pillars that support a long bridge with a road. You are looking at the road head on. From this angle you can see the tops of two cars driving across the bridge. Postal Worker essential 2020 A long way off in the background you can see what looks to be a mountainous land mass and is the origin of the bridge. As you move to the right the white pillars start to get a blue tint to them that becomes darker, bluer and less detailed as you move along. What originally looked like a land mass in the background starts to make a pattern between the pillars.  The clouds between the pillars start to take shape and become a pattern as well. In about the middle of the painting the bridge and pillars seem to just be fading into the sky, the clouds begin to look like sails and the mountainous land mass begins to look more and more like the hull of an old sail boat. You proceed farther to the right and you can clearly tell that it is an old sail boat; the kind that you would picture ruled the seas in the 1800’s. You are at the end now, the pillars and road seem to have disappeared and there are clear skies.

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You can see a beautiful ship with a wooden hull and a huge mast with big white Description Sunrise by the Ocean is a painting by Vladimir Kush that shows the sun rising between two halves of an egg shell. The sun is drawn directly in the middle of the painting. The sun is a very bold yellow that is the only source of brightness in the painting. The sky is not drawn with much color, appearing to by a shade of gray, showing the early hours of dawn before the sun has illuminated the sky. There are a few clouds in the sky directly over the sun. These clouds are dark gray in color and very thin. Postal Worker essential 2020 The rays of light that shine out from the sun cut through these clouds. The sun is at a point in its ascent that it barely sits on the water. The ocean is not drawn with much color either, drawn also as a shade of gray instead of the blue that most would expect it to be. The water from the ocean runs forward into a bay that sits in the foreground of the painting. The beach along the ocean and around the bay is very dark and somewhat neutral in color. The beach is the tan color that sand and dirt would be expected to look like, however it is dark and dull. It appears barren and lifeless, with the only plants being dead tree trunks that are twisted and broken.

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There is a man pulling a canoe onto the beach in the foreground of the painting. While it is obvious that this is a person, there are very little details about him that anyone can see. There are two halves of an egg shell sitting on either side of the bay entrance that frame the sun. This The sky is not really blue,it is a reflection of light. Postal Worker essential 2020 Our eyes perceive it as blue.The sun is the main power source the earth. The sun may appear yellow or white, but it is a mixture of many colors. As the white light appears from the sun, it travels through the earth’s atmosphere, and collides with particles from the air(Physics,2015). The reason we may see a blue sky rather than a brown one during the day is because, Blue is a shorter wavelength and is scattered more than a red light which is a longer wavelength. The white light comes directly from the sun rather blue light is scattered from particles in the air. The sunlight passes through the atmosphere before it reaches your eyes, most of the blue light has been already been. The blue is a short wavelength, the long wavelength are red,orange, and yellow which absorbs stronger by the water.

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