Over 26 millions of animals are used every year in just the united states alone for these cruel acts by the hand of man. Testing on animals have increased the development of many of life-saving treatments for both human and animals , but at what cost. Personalized you can’t scare me i am a caregiver Its said that 100 million animals die every year . Pros to this horrendous act are Animal testing has been proven to help contribute…show more content… Animal testing also has played a huge part in saving the life of endangered species from the brink of extinction . Animals often make better test subjects because of their shorter life span. Lab mice only live up to two to three years . scientist use mice and rates because of their short life span because it makes it easier for them to create a long term cure for a illness. A major known con for this inhuman testing is it’s flat out cruel.  According to humane society international animals are subjected to force feeding, food and water deprivation , burned purposely just to study the healing process , and they also inflect pain on these poor defenseless animals to be able to study the effects and create remedies. Animal Testing is a enormous upset in the word today. Animal activist have been trying to put an end to it for years , but to no avail. Animal testing is when scientist will use animals to do experiments on . They will either hook heavy machinery to these poor defenseless animals or inject them with harsh chemicals just to see if its okay for human use.

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The cute fuzzy animals we call rabbits are often unable to blink . They hold their eyelid open with with clips while shampoo or other products are dropped into their eye . This is down so they are unable to blink away any of the product so they can see if it irritates the yes . The US Department of Agriculture ( USDA ) reported that 71,370 animals suffered enormous amount of pain with no anesthesia for relief during these cruel experiments. Personalized you can’t scare me i am a caregiver There are now alternative testing methods that exist that animals are no longer needed . In glass testing is when cells are put into a petri dish and are studied. This is more effective then animal testing because human When we buy a hygiene product we tend to look for an inexpensive, yet worthy item that will provide us with what we want, promising results. However, when you read the back of the bottle how promising is the source? Do you truly understand what the ingredients are, the process it takes to make the product and who is involved with creating it? Well, if you know the sources and ingredients of most hygiene products on today’s market, you may be aware that animal testing is the method used to create the product.

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Animal testing started back in the year of 1966, which was passed by the federal Animal Welfare Act, the method involves testing cosmetics on animals to determine the safety and possibility of allergic reactions caused by products that humans use. Jeremy Bentham once said “ The question is not, can they reason? Nor, can they talk? But, can they suffer? “ A year ago, I found an eye awakening label on my hygiene products and wondered what that was, Personalized you can’t scare me i am a caregiver I found that it has to do with animal testing which I’m against. Ana Cohen, the author and an advocator for the Companion Animals Division and Humane Society of the US, wrote in the article “ Do You Know How Your Mascara is Made?” the effects of animal testing. For example, she mentions that protesters will march the streets to express their opinion on how animal testing is harmful. Then, while remaining neutral throughout the article, she mentions the effect of harmful testing methods such as sticking a syringe down a rabbit’s Throughout history man has suffered from a myriad of diseases and health conditions that we only know more about and can treat or prevent through animal testing.

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