This side consists mostly of animal activists, who support and fight for In regards to animal research, my opinion is that it is extremely beneficial to medical and cosmetic research, but there should be regulations in order to ensure that these subjects are treated as humanely as possible. Cosmetic testing is a type of animal testing in which cosmetic companies will test the safety of their products for human use. This will allow the cosmetic company to determine if a certain product causes any rashes, reactions, etc. Animal testing for medical research is the use of non-human test subjects in order to observe how certain variables will affect the subject. For example, a researcher would give an experimental medication to mice in order to observe the effects of that medication on their behavior, biological system, offspring, etc. Personalized i tried to be a good girl but then the campfire was lit and there was beer Overall, there are several pros and cons to animal testing for cosmetic and medical research, but the pros outweigh the cons. Regardless of one’s opinion on animal testing, the pros/benefits obtained from this type of testing are extremely hard to refute (Tappenden 1). Animal testing has contributed to countless cures and treatments that have saved thousands, if not millions, of human lives.

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For example, insulin was discovered through an experiment conducted on dogs that had their pancreases removed. Without this experiment, millions of diabetic patients would have been negatively affected or died. In addition, animal testing is a viable option because it provides researchers with a living test subject that is genetically and biologically similar to humans and it allows researchers to study a test subject throughout their entire lifespan as well as their offspring. Personalized i tried to be a good girl but then the campfire was lit and there was beer The benefit of using animals that are genetically and biological similar to humans is that they are affected by many of the same diseases, conditions, and disorders. In regards to studying these subject’s entire lifespan, it is extremely beneficial that researchers are able to see the effects over an entire lifespan and their offspring’s lifespan because it gives us a glimpse into an area we wouldn’t have been able to observe prior to animal testing. If we were to complete testing on humans, who live about 70-80 years on average, this would not allow researchers and scientists to see the This paper explores four articles relating to experimenting on laboratory animals in order to answer two questions: should we continue to use of animals for testing and what are the alternatives of animal testing.

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It first explores two published articles that describes pro and cons of use of animal for testing. Stephanie (2009) argued about issue and ethics for laboratory animals. Doke and Dhawale (2013) suggest an alternative of animal testing. It explores the strategy of 3 Rs that is reduction, refinement and replacement needs to be applied for laboratory to use on animals. However, Simon and Robin (2007) acknowledged article that is on support of animal testing. Personalized i tried to be a good girl but then the campfire was lit and there was beer He stated that testing on animals have developed many life-saving cures for both humans and animals. There is no adequate alternative to testing on a living, whole-body system. A brief account of these alternatives and advantages associated is discussed in this review. Keywords: laboratory animals, alternatives, 3Rs Use of animals for scientific or commercial testing The first purpose of this paper is to review pro and cons of animal testing using supporting examples. The second purpose of this paper is to examine alternatives of animal testing using 3 Rs strategy.

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