However, the fact that edubirdie.com does not have writers proficient in any of these and they do not make it known should tell you the kind of company they are. I must point out that I have nothing against Russian writers, but I must also make it known that they have contributed largely towards the most expensive, yet useless experiences I have had with this company. Personalized blessed by God spoiled by my husband protected by both For example, I was at pains to explain myself when my instructor asked me whether I needed special help with language, yet he saw my entry tests and knows what I am capable of. This robbed me of valuable marks that I could easily have earned on my own, for free. The truth is that the papers delivered by edubirdie.com are not plagiarism free. Using my own example, the worst experience I had was an English paper with 57% similarity index, and this is the paper that was sent to me with only 23 minutes to spare. I do not need to give the details of the other cases of plagiarism, but the lowest similarity index I have ever got from them is 4%.I am a native English speaker, and my instructors know the kind of English to expect in my papers. Any student who has used online essay writing services knows there is the choice of language, either U.S or U.K. English.

Personalized blessed by God spoiled by my husband protected by both tumbler

For the record, I have never got 0%. The writers at Edubirdie claim that their papers are checked not only for plagiarism but also quality by their editorial team. Sadly, this point does not prove itself. I get free plagiarism reports on all my orders; however, once bitten, twice shy. I no longer look at the reports, and I have to pass the paper through another plagiarism checker just to get a second opinion. Personalized blessed by God spoiled by my husband protected by both  Most of the time, I am glad I trust my instincts because I get a completely different report. Remember, this plagiarism checking service is said to be free but be sure that the price you pay for each paper factors it in. That is not being honest given that a different checker will tell you something else. Edubirdie.com should know that no self-respecting company should allow its employees to subject customers to such experiences. If we pay for services, kindly give us what we rightfully deserve. We are not getting that in the least bit.

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Customer support agents are never available, which leaves one wondering whether edubirdie.com actually have any. Throughout my transactions with the company, I mostly communicated with writers. The added inability to find a phone number to seek advice made this the worst essay writing company I have ever dealt with. Personalized blessed by God spoiled by my husband protected by both While I could contact the company’s customer support via free live chat 24/7, the lack of professionalism I was met with did not compensate the frustration and time wasted in the effort to get someone on the other end. It is common sense that a company with the knowledge that their support staff is not easily accessible attempts to reduce their customers’ frustrations by being courteous once communication is established. However, I am sure no customer spends time only to end up with the kind of experience I underwent at the hands of the employees of Edubirdie. I do not demand or expect five-star treatment, but at least make my short interaction with you worthwhile.

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