That translates to women making 78 cents to every dollar made by men. For the last several years it has been 77 cents on the dollar, making this year ‘s figures a tiny improvement. Recently, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was in appearance at the Grace Hooper Celebration of Women in Computing. Owl “Transgender Individuals Access to College Housing and Bathrooms: Findings from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey” is an article written by the author Kristie L. Seelman. The article was published in the department of Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services by Taylor & Francis Group on May 15, 2014. The term transgender is a person who change their gender identity differs from their assigned sex. It include the person changing their identity to male to female or transwomen and female to male or transmen, and often they preferred to called and identify from their transgressions. The purpose of this article is or was to examine a National Transgender Discrimination Survey of transgender students who were discriminated and sexual harassed from the others based on their gender identity and sexuality.Women make nearly $11,000 less each year than men, according to the U.S. Census Bureau ‘s latest report on income and poverty.

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In the article, the author focus on the qualitative of transgender students who attend to colleges or universities are being denied to access the bathroom and housing on campus which lead them to experience discrimination and sexual harassment from other students and peers due to the sexual transgression. Many institutions such as faculty and staff struggle to meet or have transgender students on campuses because they do not want transgender people as a students in their school, so they find a way to avoid transgender people by not a conversation and meeting them. Owl  Meanwhile, some universities are opening and welcoming transgender people into their school, and they Air force one documentary First of all, I picked a documentary call “Air force one”. Air force one is named of a planes, and this aircraft is only served one person that is the president of the United States. Other than commercial airline, Air force one have to get ready all the time to take the president anywhere around the world that he wants to go. Sometimes Air force one have to facing many problems, such as bad weather and dangers air space.

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The main points of the documentary were showed some secrets about air force one to the audience. I picked this documentary for many reasons, I like the logic that this documentary used, this documentary followed time order and events order to voice the main point. Next, the credibility of this documentary is 100% true story, because the events many people hear about it. In this documentary I have learned many working experiences, Owl  such as how to organize complex works without any mistakes. Primarily, the documentary tells the story of some unknown things, and I personality want to know, such as Air Force One called the world ‘s most sophisticated, the most power to destroy aircraft. Its electronic warfare system to jam enemy radar, missile targeting system confusing, it cannot be targeted. Also, “Air Force One” called “flight of the White House,” is not an exaggeration. It is 24 hours a day in a state ready for takeoff; 18 crew and the most sophisticated equipment, so that it can at any time, any place with the White House

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