Before the voyage began, he promised his sailors a large reward for the man who saw land first. While on the expedition, Rodrigo, a sailor, saw land and told the rest of the boat, on the morning of October 12, 1492. As Rodrigo anticipated his reward, Columbus said he saw a light the evening before and retrieved the reward for himself (Zim 3). On the whole, Columbus did not take care of his crew, but rather only cared for himself. Jack Skellington high top On the exterior, Columbus seemed to be a generous and gracious man, by offering a reward for a completed job, but on the interior, Columbus was greedy and self-serving, by taking the reward from a well deserved sailor. He considered himself superior to his crew and denied a promise to them. He continued to fend only for himself and became excessively arrogant throughout the conquest.Columbus should be remembered as a greedy and self-serving explorer. In addition to being greedy towards his crew, Columbus was greedy towards to the natives. When Columbus arrived in the New World, the natives believed he came from the heavens, due to advanced technology, the reputation of curing diseases, and the Spaniards appeared foreign to the natives, implying they must be from the heavens.

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Overall, the natives were curious and interested in Europeans and tried to please them. The natives brought them food and clothes, bathed them, allowed them to sit in a chair similar to a throne, and gave them valuable information regarding the earth. In elementary school students are taught that Christopher Columbus is some godly hero who discovered that the earth was round and a shorter route to “Asia”. Jack Skellington high top They even have a day dedicated to him. Typically, children are gullible and just believe what they are taught, rather than actually researching and learning the history on their own. As a child one’s brain is not developed enough to possess a sense of moral discernment. Also, children are not taught any other version of the story. However, as one grows and matures and learns more about Christopher Columbus, one can see a darker side of him. According to research, he took advantage of the kindness of many indigenous land…show more content… I, our Lord being pleased, will take hence, at the time of my departure, six natives for your Highnesses.”

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Christopher had saw them as weaklings and had already made his mind up that he was going to take advantage of them and enslave them. As soon as Christopher landed in the “New World,” he claimed the territory for Spain, immediately. It seems he failed to realize there were already land occupants among it so how can he claim this for place for Spain, and to make matters worse he decided to enslave the land’s civilization. Jack Skellington high top According to biography.com “The natives were soon forced into slavery, and punished with the loss of a limb or death if they did not collect enough gold (a portion of which Columbus was allowed to keep for himself).” He came to their place of inhabitant claimed it for Spain’s then took advantage of them and enslaved them to find gold. Thus proving how much of a selfish man he was and how much of a villain he actually was rather than the esteemed hero with a holiday we are instilled to believe from a young age. Lastly, he brought many diseases from Spain to the “New World” which has later been proved to be The Bahamas.

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