Or you can observe it as normal couple, walking across the river, enjoying the night. He also gives us a boat which could possibly be giving us a correlation because the boat looks like it’s broken or about to sink. There is also another interpretation with the object that Van Gogh displays which is, the stars. Depending upon which way you want to take it, they look like flowers or fireworks. Also, there is a sense of false appearance with the houses. It take a lot of courage to be a nurse If you stare at just the bank you will notice that it is just a bunch of bright lights but if you pay attention to the water close to the bank, you will acknowledge the darkness or shadow of the houses. What was the reason for Vincent Van Gogh creating the Starry Night Over. Imagine the wonder of staring into a clear night sky, being able to see the stars reflecting against water and seeing the faint light of civilization in the distance.  This is the same mindset that caught Van Gogh’s imagination. In fact, it excited Van Gogh so much, he would say to another painter before painting “But when shall I ever paint the Starry Sky, this painting that keeps haunting me” (Lewandowski). This is where the objects or events are described. The artist gives us different objects such as the old couple seems displayed as depressing.

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Starry Night Over the Rhone and Starry Night would be the culmination of his thoughts and efforts. However, even though they are a part of the same collection, these paintings contain stark differences compared to each other. Mostly, these differences are found in the former painting. Compared to the latter, this version contains much calmer colors, and the style is much less aggressive, with less emphasis on the stars and more emphasis on how light interacts. It take a lot of courage to be a nurse Nevertheless, both paintings represent two different states of Van Gogh’s mind. Starry Night Over the Rhone, compared to Starry Night, was painted during a much happier time in Van Gogh’s life, which is reflected both in style, color, imagery, and in history. Starry Night Over the Rhone is a painting that follows the same styling of painting of many other of Van Gogh’s paintings. The painting itself portrayed the scene of a view near Van Gogh’s house at the time. In the foreground, there is the river with its dark water and a couple taking a romantic walk around the beaches under the night sky. In the background, Van Gogh paints the city across the river as a minor part of the painting, putting more emphasis on the street lamps within the city, as if the lights the city holds are the same as the stars in the night sky.

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Finally, as the name suggests, the starry night is in full effect in this painting, with major emphasis one the stars. He would even go as far as to paint the stars massively disproportionate to their real size and change the local astronomy in the painting to add to its serene setting. To match Van Gogh’s style, it contains broad brush strokes for much of the painting, combining many dark blues and even blacks to create the river Rhone and a starry sky. However, in contrast to the night and the river, he uses Modernism was the movement that took place in Europe during the turn of the twentieth century, where the effects of industrialization, mass politics and other developments in society caused a change in the way people thought. One of the best ways to look at the changes in society is through the society ‘s culture because people’s work, whether they were scientists, psychologists, philosophers, or artists, show these themes and changes. It take a lot of courage to be a nurse Some of the major changes seen through these works during modernization include a movement away from Enlightenment ideas, a development of self-expression, a focus on irrationality, and a growing importance of technology and scientific ideas, and a great example to look towards for these changes are Vincent van Gogh and his art work.

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