When Christopher Columbus chose It proves to be an effective distribution channel for the company and attracts a large number of customers. Moreover, in today’s shrinking global community, it is essential to make innovation in sales to meet customer needs. The Body Shop has started direct selling in US by more importantly using Internet. Selling by internet not only increase its reach to larger consumer base but also provides new opportunities to improve its financial underperformance in recent years. In a world full of princesses be an engineer Because on-line shop operates at low store overheads, particularly rental costs. But on-line selling also sends mixed signals to current and potential franchisees. People have started realising the power of direct selling through Internet in recent years and it may pose a threat to sales through franchise. (Hill and Jones, 1999) Marketing consists of all the activities to facilitate the exchange. Within this societal perspective, then (1) the makers (2) what they are marketing and (3) their potential markets all assume broad dimensions. The category of marketers might include, in addition to business firms, such diverse social units as (a) a political party trying to market its candidate to the public (b) the director of an art museum providing new exhibits to generate greater attendance and financial support (c) a labor union marketing its idea to members and to company management; and (d) professors trying to make their courses interesting for students.

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In a world full of princesses be an engineer poster

In a world full of princesses be an engineer poster2

In addition to the range of items normally considered as products and services, what is being marketed might include (a) ideas such as reducing air pollution or contributing to the red cross (b) people, such as new football coach or a political candidate and (c) places, such as industrial plant sites or a place to for a vocation. In a broad sense markets include more than the direct consumers of products services and ideas. In a world full of princesses be an engineer Thus a state university’s market includes the legislators who provide funds, the citizens living near the university who may be affected by university activities and the alumni. A business firms market may include government regulatory agencies, environmentalists, and local tax assessors. Definition of Marketing As you already know there are Use of the newspapers, radio, magazines, television and brochures, are some of the traditional marketing modes. Technological advancements have brought about new and efficient advertising means. Web marketing relates to application of internet tools in marketing of products and services such as online publications, video and audio files among others posted in websites.

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In a world full of princesses be an engineer poster1
In a world full of princesses be an engineer poster1

In a world full of princesses be an engineer poster2

Online coverage last longer and can be retrieved in future (24/7) by interested customers. Newspapers and magazines are only bought daily, read only once and they get lost or thrown to the trash bins easily. Some individuals may store them, but retrieval of information from the same will be difficult.  In a world full of princesses be an engineer Tracking information is easier on the web compared to traditional modes…show more content… Purchases for second-hand products can be made on e-bay, creating a whole new genre of stores. Customer satisfaction is when the customer’s experience with a certain product or service equals the customer expectations. Various factors affect customer satisfaction and they include quality, quantity, price and after sale services. There are various issues that managers need to address and face when chasing customer satisfaction and in trying to deliver quality service.

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