Developmental psychology also studies why our bodies change, not just how. Developmental psychology can be used to approach nature versus nurture by using biopsychosocial. Biopsychosocial is biological, psychological and social which all play a part in human development. Perry´s conscience was never fully developed, so he could not be expected to understand the moral implications of his actions. Even after Perry was taken away from his unfit mother by his father, his childhood One topic that has been controversial to psychologist since the phrase was created in 1869 is “Nature vs Nurture”. Horse racing be strong when you are weak be brave when you are scared Although the debate was started well before then, 1869 was the first time it was tied to the debate. The nature vs nurture debate is over whether you get your behavior from genetics, what you inherited from your biological parents, or if they are learned characteristics, what you learn from the environment and what you get taught.  The debate can be traced back to early western philosophy and is still relevant today. In the news today there are many conversations about gender identity and what factors contribute to this. This topic has gained more popularity in recent years because of the LGBT community holding more rallies.

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Developmental psychology and biopsychosocial are areas of psychology used in the nature versus nurture debate because they study why things happen with the human body and mind. What causes change in our body as we progress through life and why those things are important. Nature versus nurture is conceptualized from developmental psychology because the reasoning behind the debate is why psychologist believe one influences you more than another. Horse racing be strong when you are weak be brave when you are scared Since the beginning of the debate it has been a constant back and forth trying to find a study that fully supported one side over the other. The origin of this debate is for the same reason it is still active today, scientist disagree on what influences our behavior. Both sides participant in studies trying to disprove each other while gaining information for their side. There have been numerous studies related to this debate. Different studies have yielded different results. One of the most common similarities in the studies are twins. Most studies find twins that were separated at birth and either get them together and compare behaviors and tendencies or study them. The ongoing debate of Nature vs Nurture is one of the oldest philosophical issues.

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The nature theory argues that all genes, and hereditary factors, influences an individual in terms of their physical appearance to their personality characteristics (Cherry, 2017). Conversely, the nurture theory argues that all environmental variables impact who individuals are, including early childhood experiences, how individuals were raised, social relationships, and surrounding culture (Cherry, 2017). Horse racing be strong when you are weak be brave when you are scared However, people are born neither “good” nor “bad”, but they are a product of their social and psychological traits, influenced by their upbringing and environment. Today, the validity of biological and psychological explanation of criminality is no longer. Furthermore, adolescence who start drinking by the age 14 are five times more likely to become alcoholics than people who hold off on drinking until the age of 21 (Siegel, 2018). The consequences of early exposure to alcohol may short-circuit the growth of brain cells, impairing the learning and memory processes that protect against addiction, and can influence harmful behavior (Siegel, 2018).

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