“It’s no surprise that exercise is good for you and will help you live longer. Each of the factors that lead to weight gain are facilitated by the type of lifestyle that the majority of Americans live. As one of the leading causes of obesity, a poor diet is facilitated by eating products that are high in fat and calories. Examples in our daily lives can be found nearly everywhere people buy food, whether that is at sit-down restaurants, fast food restaurants, grocery stores or convenience stores. Grocery stores have entire aisles dedicated to junk food. Hippie sunflower Imagine all the people living life in peace Also, most people are hard-pressed to find a healthy item on a typical restaurant menu. The low-calorie, low-fat plates generally have small portions and aren’t appealing to many people.The incentive to buck the predictable trend of a high-calorie low-exercise diet is a longer life.  In fact, the Los Angeles Times writer Melissa Healy reported in “Study finds exercise adds a life expectancy, even for obese,” that researchers have found that 30 minutes of exercise per day can increase the average person’s life by about 3.5 years and those who exercise for about one hour per day can expect to live 4.2 years longer than if they didn’t exercise. The study included over 400,000 people over the age of 40.

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But the study published Tuesday by the journal PLoS Medicine sounds a loud wake-up call to ‘healthy weight’ couch potatoes who believe their good BMIs will ensure them a long life,” (par. 3). This evidence says that being in physical shape isn’t just to look and feel better, it will actually add years to your life. Hippie sunflower Imagine all the people living life in peace As if there weren’t already enough incentives to live a healthy life. In order to buck the trend of cheeseburgers, French fries and TV, people are going to have to find some willpower. People seem to automatically look to do whatever is easiest and, unfortunately, the easiest things in life aren’t healthy. It is extremely rare that fast food will meet healthy requirements, and there is no way to relax and exercise at the same time. While regulating food providers to meet certain health requirements is an option to overcome the obesity epidemic, it shouldn’t get to that point. Individuals need to do what is necessary to ensure that they live a healthy life.

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Obesity does put strains on the health care system, as countless people with clogged arteries line up for surgery. But regulating the food that is sold to people would also come with a price tag. Hippie sunflower Imagine all the people living life in peace The key is to develop healthy habits in children from a young age. This means parents need to do their part to ensure their children are informed of the health risks related to eating poor-quality food and not exercising enough. When children get into the bad habit of eating and not exercising, that will travel with them throughout life and cause them to have greater health problems that could have been prevented if they developed healthy habits early in life. I strongly believe that both components mentioned which are the growing of fast food counters along with parent’s attention deficit over their children’s health status, could be blamed for the causes of overweight young people. In terms of fast food counters, it should not be solely pointed as the contribution factor towards this matter.

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