The Arab League, an organisation that represented all of the Arab countries, promised its support for Nasser and Arab enmity towards Israel amplified still further. They also usually take a huge toll on the people because there are so many casualties during civil wars. Furthermore, they cause political instability because there is always a power struggle as various groups of people fight for control of the government. Wars between countries of the Middle East are also a cause of instability as they can cost a lot hurting both countries economically. The Yemen Civil war (1962-1970) caused unrest in the Middle East. Royalist fighters disputed with Republicans for control of North Yemen (South Yemen was controlled by Great Britain until 1967). Grinch 2020 drink drank drunk Ahmad bin Yahya, the ruling imam in North Yemen, had a vision of uniting all of Yemen to create one large nation, but he couldn ‘t get enough support to make The Middle East is a region to which the superpowers attached great significance and in which they evidenced great attention.  The United States and the Soviet Union became the main external powers of significance in the Middle East in the period since the end of World War II but mostly since the mid-1950s and the withdrawal of British and French influence from the region. The superpowers had conflicting and similar interests and their policies often clashed, but they avoided direct conflict while their respective clients were occupied in war.

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There were also key changes in other parts of the Middle East, which had conventionally supported the West. The pro-western system in Iraq was overthrown in 1958 and Syria and Libya both began to look to the Soviet Union for military aid. In 1958 Syria and Egypt created the United Arab Republic, this lasted for three years until a revolution in Syria in 1961. Nasser had hoped that this would be the foundation for the Pan-Arab movement that he dreamed of. In 1964 Nasser supported the starting up of the Palestine Liberation organisation. Grinch 2020 drink drank drunk  A few incidents, such as the Suez Crisis led to Superpower involvement in the Middle East on a large scale. From being a Middle Eastern concern, relations between Israel and its Arab neighbors became a potential global crisis point. To try to Before beginning to outline the theoretical approach, it may be useful to outline the key aspects of the field of conflict and conflict resolution studies. Firstly, comparing to other fields of social science studies, the study of conflict and conflict resolution is relatively new “it is only in the twentieth century that the systematic study of conflict has become a field in its own right.

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In fact, the overwhelming majority of work in this field is a product of the last half of the twentieth century” . Thus, the study of conflict and conflict resolution has long remained within a variety of disciplinary, “theory and research are drawn not only from political science but also from social psychology, sociology, economics, and law” .  Grinch 2020 drink drank drunk  As in other fields of social science, theory building in the field of conflict studies varies in range and to the degree that it is inductive or deductive, as Kriesberge put it ” some theories refer to limited conflict arenas or to particular conflict stages, while some purport to provide a general understanding of a wide range of conflicts in their entire course” . There is no wide agreement on theories of conflict and conflict resolution, and therefore, different approaches been applied to study conflict resolution. Generally, there are two distinct…show more content… They argue that conflict resolution is necessary and desirable for change, emancipation and transformation. They differentiate, therefore, between conflict resolution and conflict transformation.
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