“Others focus on ordinary people engaging in common activities such as dating or home redecorating. In both instances, viewers are given the chance to compare and contr… … middle of paper … … favorite and how they can possibly relate with them. The drama and humor that is in most of the reality television shows is what keeps the viewers entertained.Some reasons why viewers keep watching reality TV is because you can relate to the stars, people tend to feel better about their own lives after watching these types of shows, and its unscripted. Easter Jesus 3D all over printed Many viewers are able to relate to reality television. Hidden deep down there may be a particular reality TV star that everyone either loves or hates that you can secretly relate to. Also many people often are able to relate to the stars lifestyle and what types of activities they may do in their typical day-to-day life “Unlike other shows such as news programs or sitcoms, reality TV allows viewers to imagine themselves as actual participants” (Connor). Or, if it’s a documentary about something that happened in history, many viewers can relate to that topic. Simply because viewers like to learn new things about a certain subject or category.

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Therefore if you truly enjoy watching reality TV, then there is no need to stop watching it anytime soon. Because if you are able to relate to certain characters and watching reality television makes you feel better about your own life, when this is enjoying for most people and will put them in a better mood. “Reality television episodes have increased to 57% of all television shows that can be found on your TV guides”. This is because of the success they have with viewers and how they keep them entertained with TV stars lives that they can possibly relate with. Reality television isn’t going anywhere and it actually continues to grow. It is the most watched category of televised shows that airs on TV today. Easter Jesus 3D all over printed Reality television has a lot to show for our generation and the way society acts. Reality Tv shows are not actually a reality. There are a lot of parts where the plot line is twisted and where they have manipulated people to make them seem like something has happened that actually has not. This shows how we treat others, what we are looking for in life, or the desires we want in life.

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Some reality shows teach us how we should and should not act. Some of these shows are just a joke and make us laugh because of how ridiculous it is. In these next few paragraphs I am going to categorize the different type of reality shows and how these shows have a positive and negative effect on people. So stop, go sit down, and listen about one of most interesting types of television, maybe even binge out while reading this paper. The first type or reality show that a lot of people love is the dating category. This includes the oh so famous Bachelor and Bachelorette. Easter Jesus 3D all over printed A few others that have come from this is the Bachelor in Paradise and when they get matched up they make their own shows for example, Lauren and Ben. This has to do with the dreamy boy and girl meeting and getting married. People grab their bag of popcorn and get friends together to see a group of people going at each other for a guy or girl. This is something society finds enjoyable to watch. I mean who does not like a good drama filled show full of suspense and love. This lets viewers pick a side and decide whose team they are on. This type of show creates discussion throughout that season on who is the best and who deserves the girl/guy. While we all believe this person will win network producers already have this whole thing lined up because they have in every season the drama que… … middle of paper … …e of these categories. It is sometimes fun to look into other people’s lives even if they are not always true.

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