The two hit hypothesis generally refers to a genetic vulnerability, which is known as the first hit, triggered by something in the environment, which is known as the second hit The first hit is proposed to involve disruption of some sort of brain mechanism that is susceptible to numerous genetic and environmental agitations, and capable of producing long-term significant changes Procedure: The procedure was a case study, and the researcher interviewed two brothers, which are both diagnosed with the mental disorder, schizophrenia. Deer bow hunting American flag While being interviewed, they spoke about their past experiences during their childhood, and how their mother had the carrier gene, which one twin inherited. Conclusions / Results: Conclusions suggest that the nature vs nurture dichotomy may not be as relevant as looking at the interaction between these two forces. It was discovered that while one’s genetic heritage creates a predisposition towards schizophrenia, other factors such as the home environment, the parental environment, dietary factors and others may determine whether the disease is manifested.An English Schizophrenia is categorized by thoughts or experiences that seem abnormal with reality, disorganized speech or behaviour and decreased participation in regular daily activities. Difficulty with memory and concentration are sometimes also present.

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The nature vs. nurture debate has been a long and bloody battle for the longest time for psychologists. Some believe that we are the products of our environment, meaning that we become who we are as a result of our upbringing, social influences, and schooling among other factors. On the other hand, the naturists believe that outside influences have nothing to do with how we turn out; it all depends on our genes. One psychologist, however, has made the attempt to bridge these two sides together. Robert Plomin’s work in genetics and psychology has helped people understand the roles the environment and genetics play in areas such as education, behavior, and development. Deer bow hunting American flag  Robert J. Plomin was born in the windy city in 1948 in a one-bedroom rented flat. His father worked in a car factory starting off on the assembly line and later being promoted to layout engineer. Neither of his parents attended college and his home had nary a book, but his parents pushed him to go to the public library we he picked up a book about evolution at ten years old.

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When he later presented his findings about evolution in his science class in Catholic school, he was deemed an atheist and suspended for his sacrilege. Before he became a serious academic, Plomin was more laborer than intellectual. He delivered chickens and shoveled snow before he turned to academics and make the assistant to the research director of an educational association. Deer bow hunting American flag  He was paid to go to college, which was really the only We all have parents that take care of us, giving what we need making sure that what life throws at us than we know how to respond back and interact with society. Involvement in society at a later age is dependent in which one is raised, so the parents have a big part in raising their kid making sure they are having proper social interaction. Any amount of social interaction is going to have a positive benefit, for young kids or any age. One of the most famous debates in Psychology is the Nature vs. Nurture debate, which has been going on since the time of Aristotle.

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