One strategy to increase communication skills with team players involves feedback. In fact, the journal article, Tell Me So I Can Hear argues for creating a feedback culture between all teachers, assistant principals and principals. The authors Eleanor Drago-Severson and Jessica Blum-DeStefano explain how instructors can learn to give feedback in a way that improves relationships and increase development. They even went over the four ways of knowing, including instrumental, socializing, self-authoring, and self-transforming. “In a 2014 survey of district and school leaders in New York City, 75% responded that giving feedback was the most important skill they want to build and grow.” December girl the fire of a lioness the heart of a hippie the mouth of a sailor This illustrates how important feedback is for teachers because they can apply what they learned from their discussions and improve their lessons for their students. Teachers are flexible when willing to hear from others what they did write and wrong. Moreover, teachers should be able to open up to constructive criticisms and how Besides the enjoyment of helping others, I want to become a Human Service worker to provide the assistance that was not available to me while I was growing up.To emphasize, everyone is treated equally when Teacher B helps all students, even for those who do not receive special education.

December girl the fire of a lioness the heart of a hippie the mouth of a sailor poster

I don’t just want to help people; I also want to save a specific group of people that I sense are in danger. From personal experience living in a dangerous neighborhood in the Bronx, I feel that my knowledge and experiences will enhance my effectiveness in this field, because I can comprehend what my client is going through and what are their everyday struggle since I personally been through it myself. Having good social and communication skills is also going to improve my success in this field because I will be able to properly assist my clients with what they need to hear and what. December girl the fire of a lioness the heart of a hippie the mouth of a sailor Even though my entire family is very strict, sadly not everyone of us turned out to be perfect, and that one was my brother. Attending college since 2014 I finally declared my major early in 2016, which is Human Services. After a lot of research and observing I can happily say I believe I chose the right major for me. You’re currently reading my professional essay and this will inform on why Human Services is the right major for me. 2. Being a young minority in the Bronx is honestly not easy at all. We face a lot of situations from being discriminated to deficiency of opportunities. Facing these issues especially in a low income area like most neighborhoods in the Bronx, it forces minorities into wrongful paths. A perfect example of this is my brother, Edwin.

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Being the oldest and raised into speaking Spanish only he was bullied while growing up and wasn’t presented much opportunities due to the fact that he didn’t speak English. This slowly led him to turn into gangs for protection and earning money the easiest way he can get it, this later led to him into getting incarcerated for numerous of crimes. I’m informing my readers with this because Edwin is not what but who influenced me into pursuing a career in Human Services. December girl the fire of a lioness the heart of a hippie the mouth of a sailor I want to provide help for minorities in the Bronx, I want to be able to present opportunities for those in need of some. After doing some How the Large Families Could be better than Small Families The family size has always been a moot point and a hotly-discussed topic in the society. In fact, the Family size has had been of interest to many sociologists. There are people who feel comfortable to have a small number of children while others want to have large families. Those people who want smaller families often mention the capabilities to give better consideration to their children, without stretching themselves too much monetarily and socially. As well, they believe that they are able to devote more time of other family needs and requirements.

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