So, I believe that animals should be used for scientific testing. Animals testing has resulted in the development of new drugs and vaccines for cures and treatments. Professor Sir George Radda, the former chief executive of the Medical Research Council states that “animal research is essential to tackling major twenty-first century health problems such as cancer and heart disease. Without the use of animals, it would be impossible, to develop drugs or any sort of medical treatment.” For example, the vaccine for hepatitis B virus was first tested on Chimpanzee to check its effectiveness against a virus. It showed the significant impact on a virus and was proved to be safe for the patients suffering from liver cancer at the first stage. David ew 2020 Likewise, the polio vaccine was also first tested on mice, rats, and monkeys in the 1950s. Then only, the vaccine was In discussion of animal rights, one controversial issue has been whether or not animals should be use for medical testing. On the one hand, some scientists argue that animal testing has contributed for many cures and treatments. On the other hand, animal rights activist contends that alternative methods now exist that can replace the need for animals.

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Others even maintain that animal testing is an essential part in medical research. My own view is that animals should not be used in medical testing because is no longer necessary now there are methods that are safer and have better results than animals do. Most of the animals use in research are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act. Those animals like birds and mice are not protected because for the federal law, these animals are not in the animal category. The worst part of this is that those animals that are not protected are the ones most often used for testing. David ew 2020 This animals are tortured in many ways and law does not do anything to protect them. In fact, even the animals that are protected by the AWA are harmed. They are exposed to a lot of harmful procedures. It have been cases were the same animals harm their selves due to all the stress they have to pass by. Imagine how much stress one need to be to be able to cause pain to itself. Animals can feel pain just as humans do. When scientist talk about the similarities between humans and animals they do not consider the similarity of the pain. Believe it or not animals The use of animals in the medical realm has been prominent for a long time, in fact, it dates back to ancient Greek times. Although there are many controversies surrounding it there are those who object the use of animal experimentation in any research sphere including the medial aspect.

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Some argue that there is a need for animals in the medical field, suggesting that animal experiments are necessary for the advancement of medicine. Although the causes that give rise to animal testing may sound justified. Animal testing itself has given rise to those who oppose it, the animal rights activists. The use of animals may have been necessary to the medical domain in the past, but there are plenty reasons why animal experimentation should not exist today or nor in the future. David ew 2020 Such as the ethicality of using animal, the options of a variety of alternative methods and lastly the questionable scientific accuracy of the research. The Two Perspectives There are generally only two perceptive to animal testing debate, those who support it and those who oppose it. The first of the two is those who are pro-animal testing and fully support the use of animals in the medical domain. These people generally consist of researchers who believe animal testing is justified by the many benefits that animal research in the medical domain can provide to human health and medicine. The second perceptive is those who oppose it.

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