Even in the Iraqi Constitution God’s power and Allah is mentioned, which is a concept totally foreign to Americans.  While the treatment of slaves was very unfair and, in many cases, inhumane, and was plagued with a lifetime of hard work and humiliation, after a little more than a hundred years President Lincoln took steps to not only voice his discomfort with slavery, but to do something about it. It is because of this discomfort that notably…show more content… Throughout history, the United States has attempted to overthrow corrupt government in other areas of the world and instating democracies such as ours. What the United States fails to realize is that reforms in a country’s political structure do not occur overnight, but rather to enforce these new changes, money and time is required. Christmas Characters Elf Grinch Kevin Friends Sometimes the money and time seem to be more than we as a country for, but I am a firm believer that you what you start. Right now the conflict is in Iraq, where many Americans are angry at the amount of money and time that we are dedicating to installing a democratic government after the overthrow of their dictatorship. As a country, we…show more content… That reality likely will give us a nation that politically, and perhaps religiously, very much like its next-door neighbor – Iran” (A8). Are we as a country content with having another Iran over in the Middle East? Or should we attempt to set Iraq apart and advocate these democratic changes?

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Here is the United States, religion is personal and our way of life is not structured by religion. Over in the entire Middle East, not simply Iraq, their culture and life is consumed by religion. As the Ayatollah Khomeini said, “Islam is politics or it is nothing” (7). The Gulf War changed America’s views on war itself, for we went in and obtained our desired immediate results. There were close to no casualties, and now we view war with the mindset of instant gratification. Christmas Characters Elf Grinch Kevin FriendsGranted, the Iraqi war lasted less than six months, and there have been more post-war casualties than there were in the duration of this war, but Americans are still getting impatient at the thought of being in Iraq for more than a year. The Patriot News quotes from an editorial, “The Bush administration seemed to think that making quick work of Iraq’s military force and sending Saddam Hussein’s regime running would suffice to accomplish the much derided notion of “nation building” Abraham Lincoln will forever be embedded in history for delivering a presidency filled with work that was geared towards the best interest of the American people. Lincoln took the seat at a very difficult time in America’s early history, which was the Civil War.

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Lincoln made sure that after the war, that America rebuilds itself. One thing from Lincoln’s iconic speech that is not forgotten is “all men are created equal”. In today’s society, all people are granted the same freedoms and equalities. It could be said that Lincolns speech though was given in 1863 was the start of the Civil Rights movement in a sense. Even though it was only around 270 words, The  was a speech with many messages8. Christmas Characters Elf Grinch Kevin Friends These powerful words, spoken by an influential president, was sure to promote change and equality throughout America eventually. Many parts of the Middle East are unstable politically, socially and economically due to several factors such as internal conflicts (civil wars, wars between Middle Eastern countries, etc.), external conflicts (wars between Middle Eastern countries and countries that are outside of the Middle East), Islamic extremist groups such as the Taliban, and Islamic extremist groups that cause global terror such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Each of these factors can be linked to the instability in the Middle East as they cause unrest in Middle Eastern countries and directly affect the citizens of these countries. Internal conflicts cause social instability as civil wars can bring people further apart and cause long lasting tensions between groups of people.

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