The definition of a friend has changed over the years therefore that could be a contributing factor to why we can count our friend on one hand. Think about it! When separating from friends for a while physically values and beliefs start to change. Many may argue that is not true, but I will say I have lost many friends do to personality changes and belief. Some reasons maybe be because everyone in college likes to smoke and drink. Black lives matter  I am not a fan of either which I believe is gross so I drop many friends due to that reason. I have also lost a lot of friends due to the ways they act towards me or others when different people are around. In the urban world we call that being “fake.” Fake is another way of saying you aren’t what you claim to be. You don’t stay true to yourself and totally honest.  On the other side people can change for the good to help each other in a friendship. Friendships can gain trust through one another in due to the people you are around. In a relationship trust is being able tell a secret under confidence to other people hoping they wont tell. Differences can set you apart.

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If you gain some ones trust when you come to a problem you are likely to come to that person. Our friendships consist of individuals who we confide, trust, and rely on for continuous support. These individuals preserve the aptitude to either heal or destroy our perspectives, future relationships, and self-esteem. Black lives matter Because friendships appear to rest natural, “we don’t often explicate our expectations about what it means to be a friend, but most of us nevertheless have rules for relationships that are shared cultural beliefs about what behaviors friends should perform” (Miller, 2012, p. 220). Through ensuing an innate governance of expectations, friendships subsist informal and effortless, until an individual breaks expectancy. Of the rules of friendship, three embrace prominence to me: show emotional support, don’t be jealous of each other’s relationships, and stand up for your partner in his/her absence. These rules stand analytical to my friendships as they endorse a trusting, compassionate relationship. An essential element of fulfilling friendships transpires within emotion support, through the actions of “affection, acceptance, and reassurance” (Miller, 2012, p. 215).

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This element illuminates that individuals crave a friend with whom they can confide and trust in – an individual who not only accepts, but also expects subjective flaws. Emotional support from a friend permits an individual to express their emotions, conscious that rejection and judgment will not materialize. Friends effectively listen, support, and offer advice when it stands desired.  Every person in their life time had felt the feeling of being alone, not wanted, or not good enough. Having people that you can count on to make you feel important and loved are that people that you want in your life. Black lives matter Those people that care about you, and make you feel warm and fuzzy in the inside are who you want to depend on. There are mean, ignorant people in this world that can say things to make people feel bad about them self. I am lucky to have friends that support and make me happy when I have a bad day. All people deserve to have one at least one person to count on to be there for them. People that are supportive, dependable and caring are the definition of a good friend. Friends that support one another impact each other’s lives with helping them through good and bad times.

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